Thursday, December 18, 2008

What We've been up to....

So last few days have been busy, Carrie's had to work the two weekends so I get to stay home and party with the Waffler. I kind of wanted to be up at camp with all my friends but then Carrie showed me the pictures of the snow and I said no - way - Jose!

Last week there was a bit to-do on campus, the Mayor, the president of the college were all there, I tried to make a plea for more kibble, but Carrie got me 1st and I just got my picture taken.

I've got my front row seat

Carrie put this funny thing around my neck, shessh people I already have fur on, no need to gild this lily

This concrete is cold

Humans are kid of silly, they bring trees into their houses, then they let a stranger into the house and he is supposed to leave presents. Sounds cool, he gets a food reward-cookies - so he must be good, I think we should give him some bread know to go with the bowl full of jelly. Ours tree has little lights on it with lots of bright shiny things on it. It smells so neat I want to check it out, I keep going to smell it but all I hear is "Lani that's ENOUGH!"
Hey I got to pick out the tree, can't I touch it? Carrie took me to run errands, we went to this really crowded outdoor mall, lots of kids and traffic, I was scared but didn't show it. I really didn't like shopping in some of the stores, Anne Taylor was dull, dull, dull only adults, but Target was neat- besides picking out a tree, we went to look at pet costumes (thank goodness none of them fit...whew), cell phones- no use to me, and the tree. Every where I went there were tons of kids and they screamed 'doggy or perro or wawo ( which is spanish slang for dog). One man stopped to ask questions about training, which I think is funny 'cuz they should be asking me not Carrie I think I've got her pretty well trained and it only took me 10 months. Next week when Eggo comes home we are going to see this stranger in person and take a picture I'll post it when we get it.

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Madison and Andros said...

Looks like fun! I like your collar!!!