Wednesday, December 24, 2008

!!!! Merry Christmas !!!!

Dear Santa- I've been very good. I tried my best to be a guide dog but that didn't work out, I've been a good big sister to Lani - except when she steals my kennel, and I greet every morning with a big grin and a wet kiss for Carrie. I try not to eat Kleenex - but a girl's gotta have a little fun. So please, please, please don't forget me.
lots of love - Waffle
Dear Santa, I've been good too! Carrie took me a 'giving tree' party at work, except they weren't giving trees away. It was a party for the kids of students who can't afford a lot for the holiday. There were balloons, kids, food and this really really pretty tree. Here I am with one of Carrie's workers infront of the tree, it is not the best pic of me, meh....
Me and Josh infront of the Tree
It was a quite a long day, the party started at 6pm and it was my job to sit and guard all the toys. I guess the students and staff picked a name off of the 'giving tree' and bought the kids gifts. All evening all these little kids kept coming up to me, petting me, talking to me, kissing me. They would be eating and run up with food in their hands, most of them were actually quite sticky as well...yumm
a stairwell filled with toys
As with all good parties when the guests are gone we had to clean up. I was the best supervisor in the room. I sat on the vacuum cleaner cord, just to make sure that Carrie would clean around me. When they were popping all the balloons, I barely even flinched - with all the hussle and bussle I just kind of hung out and waited for Carrie. So you see Santa, that day I worked really hard, I didn't get home until way past bed time, the whole evening I watched the gifts and didn't eat a thing off the floor (well I licked a couple of kids clean, but they needed it) So please, please, please Santa don't forget me either.
love Lani

Well as you can see the girls have all been good kids, we've been busy here, Eggo our sister came home for the holiday so there is another squishy friend to sleep on. Thank goodness for Costco dog beds. We picked up another one for the girls, you can only really wash it so many times before they need to be tossed out.
Lani and Eggo at Costco

yes I know she really shouldn't be riding in the cart, but Costco at X-mas is a zoo, Lani was great. Well behaved, but she is kind of small and when we would go around the corner the other shoppers would be looking at me and be startled and almost step on Lani. People are always surprised that there was a dog at my side. After a while it was just easier to put the pup in the cart.

Lani testing out beds
Here she is trying out the beds. I wanted this Disney bed, it had soft white chenille on one side with a silhouette of mickey and blue denim on the other side. But I was out voted, mom wanted the one with cedar chips

looks like Lani has cast her vote

The pretty princess bed!
Merry Christmas to all and to all a goodnight!

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