Thursday, April 9, 2009

Happy Birthday Taco!

Wow time really does fly. My problem child Tacoma is 4 years old ! She looks great, I'm glad that she is with the family that she has. They love her to bits, she is one lucky pup. Beyond all the cool things she gets (and boy does she get a lot) is that she is matched up perfectly with the little girl of her dreams. My Taco Bell loves little kids and her little girl loves her. They make quite the pair.

Her life is pretty cush, just a few cats who like to torment her. One will come up and sniff and lick her ears and the other will sit in her kennel and drink out of her water bowl. I guess, she and the cats still have a lot to work out in their relationship.

Kind of shocking to think I've now been with GDB for close to 5 years, It seems just yesterday that I got my little fuzz ball.

Happy Birthday my Taco girl!

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