Tuesday, September 21, 2010

Let's all Wiggle Waggle

I copied this picture from their web site, click here to go to their web page

Hey So. Cal bloggers/PIT raisers lets get together (ya ya ya!)

Waffle and Truffle and I will be at the Rose Bowl this Sunday to do the Pasadena Humane Society Wiggle Waggle Walk it is a fun 3k walk (just under 2 miles) with lots of doggy friendly things to do. The Rose Bowl has a nice park, lots of free parking and is just off the 210 Freeway. It would be a blast to see blog-o-sphere friends in the flesh. THIS IS NOT AN OFFICIAL GDB EVENT, just a chance to get out and enjoy a sunny So.Cal Sunday with friends. A great way to support the PHS/SPCA to boot.

Things to know:

  1. there will be LOTS and LOTS of dogs, all shapes, sizes and temperaments
  2. there will be LOTS and LOTS of PEOPLE, all shapes, sizes and temperament 
  3. It is noisy and busy, with tons of distractions (kids on bikes, skaters, stroller pushers ect...)
so what am I gettin' at? you know your dog, this might not be the event for all dogs. BUT if it is.... put on your walking shoes bring a chair, some lunch and send me a note in the comments if you can make it. Don't forget your camera and let's Wiggle Waggle!

see ya there.

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