Tuesday, September 14, 2010

Club outing

Our club had our monthly outing this past sunday, we all went down to the Aquarium of the Pacific in Long Beach. There are just 4 pups in our club at the moment. Only Ross (4mo MYL), and Zeb (15mo (?) MYL) and Miss Truffie made the trip. Tamika is stuck in the nunnery for the next three weeks. Mika is 18 months and still not on the recall, rumor is she and Zeb will go back after Turkey Day. When that happens Truffie will be the elderstates woman of the group, my how fast things change. 

'come let's go!"

'sea otters, nemo fish and turtles....oh my'
We walked around a bit, with lots of people stopping by to say hello, it was a beautiful day, cool breeze and sunny sky. We actually didn't go in just walked around and had lunch. We used to take the Metro down, it is an easy trip BUT it takes 90mins, and while good socializing for the pups, that's three hours of my sunday I can do other things. Truffle has been on the train before so I passed on the train ride and just drover her down.
Ross, Truffie, Zeb and oh yeah some people
We ran into this fuzzy guy and he posed for a picture with all of us, the pups weren't sure what to make of this very large creature, but being good guide pups they just chalked it up to 'silly humans' and went on their way. 

Rick our CFR came to our meeting and worked all the dogs, knocking on trash cans and metal doors to see if how the dogs reacted.  We stood on the corner to see how the dogs would react to traffic noise, just before this picture there was  group of bikers with really big bikes, I mean huge, like the guy on it had to be 300 lbs+. They had a very loud radio as well, we were across an 8 lane road and still heard them. They roared past us and it was pretty loud for about 30secs, it was so loud I feel the rumble in my chest. Truffie just sat there and watched the whole thing, I think she thought it was a party and was disappointed that they drove on without her. I think she imagines herself zooming down the coast with her ears flapping in the wind.
Rick and Truffie
So I don't think Rick has ever worked with Truf, but she knew who he was and kept her eye on him. Of course I was running late that morning and forgot her halti, she was all over the place, nothing too bad but I had to keep my eye on her. Rick checked her feet and saw how she reacted to her toes being inspected. Rick walked her and we need to work on her sticking to me as opposed to wandering where ever she wants to. The funny thing is when she is not on leash she sticks right to my side, keeping pace with me and staying within arms reach. It is only when she is on the leash that she tends to wander. 

ok, some of us worked really hard with Rick - others *ross* decided a nap was a better option. 

From the previous posts you've probably guessed that Truffie's been a away. We have a new family who wants to raise pups so they had her for a week to see if this is something they would want to do. She got a great report card from them, they loved her and she loved them. They took her on long walks, out to the mall, volunteering, she was a pooped pup when I got her. She loved their car too, they had several pillows for her to sleep on and her own AC vent! She got to play with a good family friend Nisha! Here is a picture of the two.

Try as she might Nisha could not convince Truffie to join her in the pool, you might remember Nisha from her exploits in bathing, she is the only lab I know who loves water . I was hoping Nisha's obvious joy when she plays would rub off on Truffie, no dice. Oh Truffie did get into the pool - just not how she would have like - I guess when they were playing someone's brakes failed and a certain yellow dog ended up falling into the pool. After which she was having nothing do with water.

Say cheese!
My big girl has a big day coming up, yup a date with the Febreez bottle is in her future, we will post her month day pictures soon.


Mango said...

A lab that does not swim? Shocking! Great training fun balls day adventure. The Mango is curious about the Febreeze.


Erin and Co. said...

TRUFFFLES!!! We hadn't even seened you for a long time!! We are happy you are still alives!!


Mandy and Cancun said...

dude Tamika still doesn't have a recall??? We've spotted Tamika and raiser at Dodger games for quite a while, she's been here through, like, two baseball seasons!

Our club had evals with Rick on Saturday too, we have a pup three months older than Cancun who is most likely on the recall in two weeks. I tried to get more info on when Cancun will go back (he's 14 months later this week) but Rick just flipped through his list of available dogs and said he didn't even really know when the recall dates would be... Since my last pup went back at 15 months I was thinking Cancun might leave soon, but I guess there are a bunch of older dogs in the territory right now and, from what I understand, there is no October recall for this territory. Definitely don't mind keeping Cancun longer! It's just funny how it fluctuates from year to year. I only had Hero for 11 months as a puppy in training, while Cancun will be in a raiser home for likely 15 months.

Carrie and Waffle said...

Mandy no kidding, last year they took Lani at 14 months but then they slowed down and said no dog would be considered unless they were 16 months on the day that they sat down to put the list together. Then I guess last month they had 10 dogs on breeder eval and only 1 was chosen so the other 9 went back into training. Next month they only need 6 dogs, and I guess they don't want to send the truck out unless they will fill it up. Plus Tamika is still in tact I guess that somehow affects that. And you are so right she has been around forever she is going to be 20-21 months by the time she goes back.