Friday, September 17, 2010

10 months old (a few days late)

by Truffie

Hiya! it's me Truffie, I guess you didn't recognize me 'cuz I'm all grow'd up now. I mean look at me, anyone can see what a big girl I am - don't you think so?  I'm a mean 44lbs of sleek, svelte guide dog lovvve, much nicer than that other 'dog' that lives here. But they keep calling her the big girl and me the baby! I'm no one's baby!

I had a sleep over at a friends house they have a pool, a dog, a really nice comfy car, and lots of energy to take me on walks it was soo nice there - and they said I could come back anytime I wanted. That is something my sister Tacoma never got.

At work I'm perfect - we'll just over look that little marker incident, we had a fire drill the other day and everyone said what a good girl I was - well that's what I think they were saying the siren was really loud. I was just excited cuz I thought all my friends where coming out to play with me.  I work really hard at work, especially the part where I lay quietly under the desk until I'm needed to spring into action. If my eyes close a bit no one seems to notice.

Carrie said to tell you that I know all my commands even though sometimes I take my time thinking about them. Don't tell her but I've been practicing my somersaults and twrilling just in case the circus comes to town.
Well in honor of my 10 month birthday here are 10 things I want to tell you:
  1. Kibble Rules - us dogs like to eat, if we are looking sad feed us, if we look sleepy feed us, when you wake up feed us, if we stand at our food bins feed us - you get the picture
  2. I like comfy places to sleep, so if you look in MY kennel and see a black lump of fur in there remove it so I can sleep in MY kennel
  3. I may be small but I have big ambitions, I'm pretty sure if I had thumbs I could rule the world. Don't you think?
  4. I love my mommy
  5. I don't think its funny to laugh at little dogs who happen to slip into the huge bathtub you humans have in the back yard. (why are you taking a bath outside anyway?)
  6. Variety is the spice of life, embrace that thought and maybe switch up who sleeps where - maybe I can try the bed and you sleep on the floor.
  7. Kibble is the food of the gods.
  8. Waffle says she LOVES hats please buy her more
  9. Did I tell you how much I love my mommy?
  10. anyone know any good clown dog schools?
Happy month day me - Truffie
Truffie at 10 months
Truffie at 2 months

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Mango said...

OK, now I get the febreeze. That is most clever. Yuh, and I suppose being a labradog you would have foodables in your top ten more than once. Nommy, nom, nom.

There was a fire alarm at doggie school this week so I know what you are talking about. I didn't pee, but some of my classmates were very scared by it.