Tuesday, September 28, 2010

The Wedding

So the wedding was a hit. Waffle who is very, very picky about her social interactions had the time of her young labradog life -you know it's a good party when you puke and keep on parting. Tammy after all is her ultimate BFF in THE WHOLE WIDE WORLD!!! When Tammy comes over the rest of us cease to exist. It certainly helps that Tammy spoils her shamelessly, what ever Waffle wants Waffle gets. We've already told her that if anything happens to us, we want her to take Waffle, because she certainly will keep Waffle in a style which Waffle thinks is appropriate.

Tammy's wedding was a 1920's theme and her gown and traveling dress were beautiful, she had invited all of her friend and their dogs. Her dog Chibi was the ring dog and the flower girl had her own k-9 escort. (seriously the kid had at least 30 or 40 foot walk to do on her own. She looked like she was about 18 months 'cuz she was walking really well, just not directed. Part way down the isle she lost focus when she saw the family dog- lucky the dog has a good recall, they called the dog ad the kid followed.) There were pup-cakes and cookies for all the k-9 guests and vegan delites for the rest of us. We knew that Chibi would be wearing a tux and so I knew the girls would have to step up their game, so I spent Friday (my day off) running around trying to figure out what the pups could wear. (side note: I spent $3.50 for a yard of this ribbon only to find that Costco has their Christmas ribbon out and on sale. I could have had 50 yards of this ribbon for 7 bucks! But really? Xmas stuff already? its still September)

My normally 'fraidy pants Waffle was surprisingly animated, she really was in her element. Consider it was dark, noisy with lots of strangers/dogs but she ate it up. Literally, I put her and Truff on a down stay while I went to the buffet, but everyone there loves dogs and soon booth girls were freely wandering around talking to people and eating everything in site. Well at least Waffle was, Truffie was pretty good not begging and vacuuming the floor, she just wanted some lovin'. It helped that she had her jacket on so most folks knew not to feed her. Waffle on the other hand was surprisingly charming, happy ears and tails with her pretty bow, everyone loved her. And the puking part...... well it seems Waffle was either a little to well loved (ie stuffed with snacks), excited or hot, we were sitting on the porch when I hear this  'woop, woop, uuuurrrrrrpppp, akkkk' a sound any parent or puppy raiser knows well. Never fear after freshening up a bit she went right back to the party. Enough talk here's what the girls wore.

Waffle's ribbon

Truffie with her ribbon

I'm the pretty  girl here, why can''t I walk down the isle?

The ring dog

Truffie! move your butt, I can't see

the wedding party, I love her dress

Waffle and the Groom

Tammy and The Waffler

The pup cakes Tammy had for her K-9 guests

"We will use our laser eyes to command you to give us pup cakes"

our k-9 party favors

the ring dog

"Better out than in I always said"

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