Monday, September 6, 2010

400th post !

if you like it so much you wear the hat!
On such an auspicious day! It is the Waffler's 4th birthday!
Ok we really didn't party like a 80's rock star - but girls do like to have fun, especially if there are farting hedgehogs involved.

In honor of her moving into the 'not so much a spring chicken' category she got to pick out two new toys from Petsmart. Since it's been wicked hot here she got some homemade frosty paws. The Waffler is a sweetie who continues to surprise me - just when I think I'm stuck with a grumpy Eeyore out pops her inner Tigger. They say pretty much what you have at 3 is what you get to keep for the rest of the labbie experience but everyday she continues to surprise me.
'mmmm farty hedgehogs and quaking ducks!'
My favorite Waffle story/skill is how she manipulates the younger pups into giving her what she wants. Waffle is a thinker not a fighter, so when ever the babies steal what ever toy she is playing with, doesn't get mad she gets even. Miss Smarty pants just gets another toy - AND pretends to like it. Of course the babies drop everything to check out this new toy, she swoops in grabs her toy and heads for the sofa, knowing full well the pups can't follow her. If she is feeling ornery she will hang her paws over the edge - as if to say 'I dare you' This has been her M.O. since Lani, but lately with she has been working Truffie especially since she got too hard to knock down and roll over. That used to be her favorite game, but lately the baby's mass has been making full body contact a bit more difficult for the Waffler. Yup age has its rewards

"mmmmm what do you call this..."

'wait, wait how do I get the stuff in the middle!!!'

Caution it gets even messier from here on out.
Peanut butter!

mmruff semthiffg.....

In case you missed it

So here is to my forever girl, can't believe it's been 4 years already, looking forward to many many more. Hey I think you've got......oh never mind

'what? did I miss a spot'

'come on where is it?'


MK said...

Aw, she is too cute! Happy Birthday, Waffle!

Mimi and CC Cabana said...

Happy 4th birthday, Waffle! And happy 400th post--that's a lot of years of blogging. It's wonderful that Waffle keeps growing and changing and surprising you. Such a sweet post!

ChrisAnna said...

Wow, Waffle is throwing some looks my first pup Teagan (cc'd) gives me. I don't know if you remember but we met at Fun Day and I couldn't get over how cute Truffle was so my question is.... Is Lani having puppies any time soon?

Carrie and Waffle said...

Hi ChrisAnna I sure do remember meeting you! I was actually thinking she looks a lot more like Halette. The droopy brown eyes - especially that picture where she is trying to avoid the camera. JUST like my Waffler!

Mango said...

Happy Birthday! I LOVE the hat!

Hey, regarding poop in the yard. Well, duh, because we do not like having the poop picked up so need to replenish.