Monday, September 20, 2010

The ogre under the stairs

One of the tasks puppies need to learn is how to go up and down open stairs, and when you think about it open stairs are kind of scary. When you look down through them you see the ground and if you don't have an understanding of metal, or structural engineering of course you'd think 'no way' this is going to work. Not to mention the stairs she had to learn were snow stairs, the kind with big open spaces. Truffie assured me that there was an ogre who lived under the stairs who liked to reach up and bite the toes off of little puppies.Well what do you say to that? She did have a point the stairs were a bit spikey and her little toes did fit right into the holes, but after a long talk about the nature of children's fairy tales vs reality and the construction of illusionary childhood metaphors she decided two things. One that the stairs were human plot to keep dogs out of the all the fun places AND that people should not be raising children! Seriously scaring the bejesurus out of kids to get them to behave (her words not mine)

Eventually after lots of support from her friends she did make it up and down the stairs.
A view of the open snow stairs

These are the stairs that lead down from the camp office

Just to give you a view of what the dogs see when walking up the stairs, ignore the electric blue sandals

Tuffie actually doing the deed. Watching her go down is hilarious! Grace is not her middle name

My camera case just to give you an idea of who large the openings are on the snow stairs at camp

and of course a jaw dropping picture of a sunset at camp, I love my summer job.


Pauline said...

Truffie, you are pretty brave! I wouldn't like going down those stair, either.

Lisa, Ellie and Hosta said...

I agree with Pauline - you are very brave Tuffle! That's a lot of stairs and lots of opportunities for ogres to get ya!

Maddie and Jorinda said...

Betsy would have peed her pants if I told her we had to walk on those stairs! It took her 8 months to be able to walk up 4 stairs that were grated and open! And she never mastered going down. But have to fear Betsy, I'll never make you walk those stairs again. We'll leave it up to Jojo and Truffle!
Truffle you are one brave girl! Keep it up! And remember, if you go fast the ogre won't get you! That was always Betsy's philosophy.

Mango said...

NO WAY! Those are the scariest stairs I ever saw. Not only are there holes in them, but they make a really bad sound. I didn't know you had to be super brave to be a service dog! Wow!


Mimi and CC Cabana said...

That sunset shot is gorgeous! WHO in their right mind would like those stairs, canine or human?! They are an accident or an ambush waiting to happen.