Friday, November 12, 2010

Birthday Hike

Doh! the sun is in their eyes

'whose got the frosty paws?'

ok do you see the problem with a yellow and black, you never know where to set the white balance

Much better

After crossing back and forth over this small stream several times we made it!


I love this shot of Waffle, she looks so regal

So for my birthday I decided to take the girls out for a short hike to a local waterfall. Now understand that I live in the city so the girls idea of the wilderness is the park. They loved the actual real forest outdoors stuff. Truffie who has developed this fear of puddles actually got her feet wet and Waffle was crossing streams and rock scrambling like a natural. There were tons of people out walking and several dogs. The girls were great, I forgot Truffie's Gentle Leader, and she did pull quite a bit, but on the whole it wasn't too bad, we only got jumped by one dog --- go figure it was a 15lb rat terrier. It's people lifted it up by the harness and it was still going after Waffle. 

The river crossing was difficult with both dogs, at first they would walk in the water but pretty soon they were rock hopping, the problem is that all three of us could not rock hop together. It was a recipe for a dunking. For dogs who don't like water I was shocked that Waffle actually walked into the stream on her own..... Truffle even got in the act, but she preferred to rock hop, the problem came when she tried to hop one direction and I hopped another. I ended up totally soaked, with a sore butt. 

It was a short hike only 3 miles, but with the two dogs and lunch it was more like a half day experience. After the hike, wet and dirty I got my revenge on the girls and both of them got baths. Nothing better than sweet smelling, exhausted sleeping puppies.

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Mango said...

Waffle does like most lovely in that photo.

I think that it was a grand adventure and I am pleased to hear that the girls got into the spirit of the day and allowed their feet to get wet.