Friday, November 19, 2010

practice, practice, practice

We are slackers on the go to bed command, we've been stepping up our work on this command. I think sometimes she has got it, but then something shiny catches her eye and it is all over. *sigh*


Amanda said...

Kyle gets the idea of "go to bed," but I'm having trouble teaching him to stay put once he gets there. So long as I am reinforcing with kibble, he's on the bed. However, if more than 20 seconds pass without a kibble he gets up in hopes of being sent to bed again.

Any suggestions on how to train a dog to stay on the bed once they are there?

Mango said...

Very timely post. That is one of Dexter's weakest commands. It is really apparent when we are at school and all the other dogs lay nicely on their mats and Dex is down / up/ cracker dog. He is about where Truffles is right now. Will run to the bed, give it a token contact and then off to the races.

Can't blame them, though, it is kind of a boring lesson to learn.

Mango Momma

Lisa, Ellie and Hosta said...

Good job Truffle!!!!