Saturday, November 6, 2010

for eggo

Last night we cleaned out the garage of junk stuff, for my friend's yard sale. Afterwards hungry and dirty what to do? It was another hot one in LA, no cooking for us, pizza, Chinese, Mexican? NO WAY we joined the millions and gave into the hype and ventured into the land of the......  McRib
Sooooo goood
But soooo baaaad
What was the result? Huuummmm how would I describe it? It was like the special affects in the original Star Wars movie or the Shark in Jaws, 1st time you saw them it was all ooooo and aaaaawwwww 'lets do it again, again and again' but 20 years later uuuhhhmmmmm not so much. It's not quite as cool as you remember them to be, but it's just been long enough for you to forget the bad computer graphics and cheesy plastic sharks and indulge in a two hour trip down memory lane. So every two years when the McRib makes another appearance we are suckered in by the hype and take a bite........ and well the fries are still great, the sandwich is pretty much a cheesy plastic shark.

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Mango said...

Yuh, kind of like twinkies.