Wednesday, November 24, 2010

Life is.......

Better with Haltis..... (or so says Waffle)

Truffie has a different perspective. But I know that Waffle felt that it was about time the squirt got her own Gentle leader. Cleaning out the files and came across this picture from the first time she put on a halti. Not too pleased as you can see, on the other hand this made Zeb's day, that halti she has on came from him (such a nice guy gave her the halti of his own nose). This was at the San Diego mini-funday, she was acting up and I was exhausted, just got back from a trip to DC and drove two hours to SD for the event. I was glad the halti fit because I didn't have the energy to keep her in check. She was crazy, because she had been cooped up at home while I was away for work, so she was just all over the place, the halti helped keep her in check.

New GDB rule requires all pups be comfortable with a head collar, so a Gentle Leader was in her future weather she liked it or not. My cute little pouty pup.


Mango said...

Oh we don't like those mental leaders much. Rather wear a sports bra. But, whatever works, right?


Lisa, Ellie and Hosta said...

that's so true!!!! It's nice to have the equipment to help! :)