Tuesday, November 23, 2010

a family picture

Continuing cleaning out my funday file, a family picture
A Funday Reunion. Love how both Truffie and Lani sit the same

At Funday we went to the siblings meet and greet, but of course it has been so long ago I forget whose, who. Lani of course is 2nd from right and Truffie is the one with out the jacket. I think it's funny that all her kids are in haltis, Lani never needed one, even at funday with all the dogs roaming around Lani never pulled.

Taco, Topaz (?), Truffie, Lani, and Tahiti (?)
After we took a picture another sib showed up. Lani had 3 YF and 2 YM and one lone black male. The one black male is Timothy (that's Lani's human Brother), I think he lives in Arizona, one of the Yellow boys who was Travis was given as a pup to the Canadian Guide Dogs, so that left 3 yellow girls and 1 yellow boy, lucky that all of them were there. I don't know who is who, I love the look the pup on the end (red bandanna) is shooting - she is trouble
Ever get 5 pups to look in the same direction?

Told you she was trouble, I gave up after a while. If you've ever been to funday you know the mass crazyness, it was just easier believe me. For those who haven't been, imagine 300 PIT's and their raisers all looking for friends, siblings, and breeders. This summer I don't think I made it to any of the workshops, between shopping, picture taking and meeting with her sibs, I don't know where the day went. It was nice to see her sibs, didn't really get to chat with any of them so I have no idea what their personalities are like. Out of all the pups, Truffie takes the most after her mom, Taco is a bigger than the girls and bit more blocky - the rest kind of vary is size and color. 

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