Wednesday, November 10, 2010

Dear Bo

Dear Bo, 
My name is Truffle and I need your help.You are probably the most influential pup that I know of and I think you might just the one to make things right. Next time your see your Dad Barack, can you ask him 'what's up with the time change deal' you see me and my tummy are very confused. Every night now for the past week, my peeps have been late on the dinner service. No matter how nicely I sit, or how pitiful I look dinner has been late.You've probably experienced this too, I mean there is no more accurate clock that a pup's tummy alarm. 

My big sis Waffle explained that it was something called day light savings - which when she told me I thought was a fib (you have to know her, but trust me). Why would people do that to themselves. Why would they do that to us? Who needs a clock anyway - when it is light get up and play - when it is dark curl up and go to sleep. AND when your tummy says it is time to eat. EAT. Now I know you being a reasonable guy, you understand what I'm talking about. Your peeps seem pretty cool, they seem to have fallen for your adorable cuteness so use your best puppy eyes trick to get Dad to can Day Light Savings. I like having more day light in the evening - most people are off of work and will play with us in the evening. Last night my BFF was going to take us out for a walk but after din-din it was too dark and cold to go out. Plus I think it is just mean to mess with us like that. It is not just dinner that is messed up too, mornings are for playing but all I keep hear is "Truffie GO BACK TO SLEEP", so now I have to turn my somersaults very quietly and where's the fun in that I ask you. 

Yup, your my man, I know you can do it. If puppy eyes don't work try the sit on bed and whine tactic, my big sister Tacoma will flap her big ears and paw at her people - get creative I have faith. I can not tell you what a big service this would be to dogs across the nation.

yours truely, 
Truffie, FYL, PIT - GDB

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