Sunday, November 7, 2010

Welcome and Goodbye....I think

Welcome new Pups In Training
Josette and Jody

I believe they are Goldens, definitely sisters and from the looks of them 10 weeks or older. Yeah I'm a terrible club member, I missed the last meeting because of work. But Truffie has been displaced as the youngest pup in our group, I would say that she is the old lady of the group, but we still have Tamika. Yes as much as we love Mika, Mika she is still without a recall. She might be up for the November truck but we don't know, I guess there is a meeting on the 16th to decide who is going on the truck that will be coming down on the 19th! YIKES that is hard, 3 days notice, right now we know she is up for consideration but the confirmation will not come out until after that meeting. It is possible that she will be here until Jan, who knows. I think she is going on 18 months, quite the change from when the recalled Lani at 14 months.

But in any case Welcome to the newest furballs on the street - don't believe everything Truffie tells you.

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mwc said...

Josette is on the left and Jody is on the right. They are 12 weeks old and Lab/Golden crosses. I thought they were gi-normous, so I had to ask their age.
Miss Mika doesn't ever seem overly concerned that recall hasn't happened despite the stress it's putting on her mom and being told she's going then she's not going. She's already 19 months, going on 20! Old lady indeed....