Monday, November 29, 2010

This little light 'o mine part 2

my continuing saga with flashlights and ray guns

So when we last left our heroine they had just pulled up outside of the emergency vet clinic......

But it's not Waffle who gets hauled out and dragged into the clinic, it's me. The intake nurse was asking questions and when it comes to my breed, BFF answers 'Lab' and he says 'of course'. Hey buddy, I'm not sure I like your tone.

So I get to meet this nice Dr. who does the whole look in my mouth and squeez my tummy thing, not too cool with how he gathers some of his data (my temp is my busness mister), BFF said I was the culprit but she had another suspect in the car if I was innocent. The Doc agrees that I'm a mst likely suspect -- what up with that?!, your off my Christmas card list. What ever happened innocent until proven guilty -- ok I was guilty but still.....

Because I had just had dinner the Dr. figured that most of what I ate was still in my tummy, but before he did anything he wanted to take some pictures. PICTURES hey I'm cute sure I let you take my picture. But this is where things started going sideways. It wasn't a camera but this huge RAY GUN I was totally afraid was going to squish me. It had a bright light with and X to mark the spot where they were going to shoot me. Well as my young life was flashing before my eyes, I decided there and then never to listen to my tail again, I promised to never chew things I'm not supposed to, always obey BFF and Mom, and stop stealing  Waffle's toys. I squeezed my eye shut (the other one I kept on the tech guy) and waited for the smell of singed fur and pain to streak through my poor little yellow self.....but nothing. Hey whats the deal?! Gee Dr. Dude you know you get what you pay for, I think your ray gun is broken.

So Dr. Dude says plastic doesn't show up on x-rays, but nothing else showed up on my rays either. So that means no metal in my tummy. They gave me a poke, and next thing I know my insides wanna be on the outside and all my yummy dinner........well that is better left unsaid.

The Dr. said said what a good chewer I am. I guess all the flashlight parts got chewed up nice and small, and because I had dinner first, they were all still in my tummy --- and dinner and the flashlight where now sitting on an exam table. BFF says I dodged a bullet wheeeww I like to think I dodged the ray gun.

And all those promises I made, Waffle said promises made under duress don't count....wheeeewww I really did dodge a bullet.


Mango said...

That was one scary story. Oh man! Good thing your insides got to your outsides in time. Sheesh. I hear those light things have something called batteries in them which are NOT good to eat. Nice photocopies of your innards.

I'm just glad everybody is OK. Phew.


Raiser Erin said...

Oh Truffie, Momma says that it's not good to eat stuff like flashlights. I never believed her until I saw your x-rays and heard your horrifying story. I would hate it if my dinner came back out again. Now, I'm never gonna chew on things I'm not suppose to.


Lisa, Ellie and Hosta said...

WOW Truffie, that's quite an adventure you had! Glad you are okay and learned your lesson the not-so-hard way! :)

Mimi and CC Cabana said...

I'm sure that was scary! And expensive?! That's pretty amazing that they can see inside like that with so much detail. I hope Truffle has learned her lesson!

Denise said...

Gentry: WOW that one scary story!

Denise: I had to laugh all threw this story as I had a similar experience with Fern when she at over half a blanket and 30" of a fabric and webbing collar but she left half of the buckle and the "D" ring. When I left her for two hours with freedom. I Freaked also.