Friday, December 9, 2011

Born to Japan

me, in my Born to Lead t-shirt standing in front the Raging Spirits roller coaster at Tokyo's Disney by the Sea
This past June I found an awesome price on a trip to Japan. 6 days and 4 nights hotel and flight for a song, it was part of a promo to help Japan to get back on their feet after the earthquake. While there I ate great food, walked miles and miles and finished the trip with a visit to Tokyo's Disney by the Sea.
Better shot of the shirt in front of the Mediterranean Harbor
Wanting to represent, I brought my Born to Lead T-shirt!
It was a short trip from Tokyo to the Disney Resorts, there are two: Disney by the Sea and Disneyland. I had heard that Disneyland is pretty much the same but smaller, so I chose Disney by the Sea. There were a few things from California Disney and a few unique rides. It is set up to mimic port towns from around the world: American, Italy, Arabia, Amazon river and Mysterious Island - it is in the volcano behind me.
Micky Mouse in a suit and tie
Mickey in sparkle pants and a suit and tie another weird cultural difference between the American and Japanese resorts.

On the monorail on the way to Disney by the Sea, the hand straps are in the shape of Mickey Ears
bronze statue of Mickey Mouse dressed in fishing gear at Ships a wheel, at the American Waterfront
Like all things Disney-everything is smaller but ooo so very Disney. The straps in the monorail where circles with mickey ears.
steam bun shaped like a life ring
The snacks in Japan rock, no hot dogs here. This is a steamed bun - a common Asian snack, inside the steamed bread is shrimp filling - yum!

awesome food at the park - chicken curry from the Arabian Cost
Another awesome snack! Chicken curry!

Curry Popcorn stand -
Curry popcorn- so good, but look at the prices a small box is $3.30, a souvenir bucket (there was a different one for each land) is almost $15 BUCKS!
Waffle's gift from Disney by the Sea a Winnie the Pooh child's bath hoodie
There was a warm rain/drizzle while I was there, and folks where buying these cute kids bath hoddies to wear on their heads - so I had to get one for my favorite kid back home. 
side view of Waffle in her bath hoodie
I think she likes it.

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