Monday, December 26, 2011

I've got a problem....

Waffle head down on the carpet

Too many people and not enough of ME!
There are three people at home and only one of me. They all expect me to love them the best and I do, but it sure is tiring. For instance, I have to spend the afternoon keeping mom on the sofa - I take my job as a mom paper weight very seriously, I mean what if she wandered away who would feed us?
After sleeping on mom, I have to take BFF out for a walk, she's getting a little chubby and the exercise is good for her. After checking out the park, I get back to the house and Eggo expects me to spend quality time with her.... so after spending a few minutes letting her rub my tummy. I have to start the whole rotation all over again. Don't even get me started on bed time, they take it personally if I don't sleep with them, there has been bribery, trickery and guilt

The little squirt tries but let's face it she is just not me. Uh ohhh someone is in the kitchen they might need me gotta run, a lab's work is never done.

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