Tuesday, December 6, 2011

my bags are packed

Bamboo sitting next to her overnight bag
I'm going on a sleep over. My half sister Limerick and I are going to do a trade - for two long weeks. BFF said Limerick has THE BIGGEST toy box ever, but I'm still packing a few things to remind me of home. My blankie, a stuffie and a bone. I hear Limerick's Daddy is a cuddler so I'm pretty excited. Yesterday, BFF's lap was full of computer and there was no room for me, but never count me out, I squeezed my little self into a space the size of a napkin. BFF didn't believe I could do it, and once I did she had the nerve to evict me! hhhrrruuuumppp

Went to costco - that place is really really really big (still need that thesaurus) I didn't like it. BFF put me in the cart which was fine with me, I was right and everyone else's line of sight and soon everyone wanted to meet me. I was more popular than the sample ladies! Gotta roll - C-ya in two weeks.

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Raiser Erin said...

Bamboo; garganguan is a pretty good word for the size of CostCo. :)