Friday, December 2, 2011

movies and french accents.

Yesterday my BFF took me to this really cold and really dark room. There was lots of seats all facing this really, really big tv screen. The sound was really loud and all these pictures flashed across the tv. Well it was really kind of boring until this really,really, really, huge Doberman came on screen. (Note to self get thesaurus)
Anyway I popped up to see what he was doing and he lets out this stream of very naughty words, well at least I think they were naughty - he was barking with a French accent. BFF covered my ears so I'm thinking I shouldn't repeat what he said. It wasn't too bad, even though I'm supposed to keep 4 on the floor, I'll give it 1 paw up.
Bamboo sitting in front of an advertisement for the Lorax

Bamboo in front of a cardboard ad for the Lorax

Bamboo curled up on her blankie at the movies

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