Friday, December 2, 2011


So Truffle's partner posted this on Facebook

so its official... my dog likes bacon!!
Not only has she eaten her pigs ear, she has now eaten its right arm...
thanks, Truffle, your pig has gone to hell and back now... :P

Well let me introduce you to Tripod.... Truffie and now Bamboo's favorite friend. Some how when Truffie was playing with him, a limb went missing, but not to worry a bit of stitching and we were good as new. He was one of the lucky ones, you see he is the lone survivor, let's just say Truffie often loved her stuffies a bit too much. 

a well loved three legged stuffed bear

He is the lone survivor from the legendary Christmas haul of 2011, the girls really cleaned up that year. Usually Truffie is more of a nylabone type of gal, but costco had these really cute stuffies on sale and poor Waffle had been denied her favorites stuffies 'cuz PIT's are allowed to have them.... and we got carried away I got her a few of these and Eggo bought her a few of those and Mom bought her a couple and before you knew it......this was their xmas haul. Did I mention how much Truffie loved the farting hedgehogs?

about a dozen mixed dog toys - the pups Xmas haul from 2011
That is Tripod on the left before the pups got to him. 
So yes Ashley your dog likes bacon, and bear, raccoon, squirrel, tiger, lion and hedge hog.  

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