Sunday, December 4, 2011

The Joys of being ME

By Waffle

Just a few things to show you why you should all want to be like me!

Bamboo in her purple and yellow dragon costume
two ways to look at this one: 1) they no longer dress you up in silly costumes, 2) you get to laugh at the dog they do dress up in silly costume.

Waffle laying on her bed, licking out the peanut butter jar
Peanut butter- 'nuf said

Waffle's Halloween collar - purple background with orange and black bats
and I get to wear seasonal clothing. I had enough of plain black collars to last a life-time. The peeps bought me this from Karma's closet, I have one for everyday wear, Christmas, Spring and the Fourth of July. 

yes it is good to me be.


Mango said...

Momma says that it just plain feels good to be a lab. Such happy little dogs.


Carrie's Raiser said...

Oh my word! That purple dino costume is just about the most adorable little thing!
And yes, Waffle does appear to be living the good life! Be sure to rub the fact that only you get the peanut butter in your sister's face Waffle! ;)