Thursday, December 8, 2011


Truffie in the snow with her partner
Truf in snow for the 1st time, who knew it was so cold in Texas. The butt head is pissed about having to wear her booties. She wants to play but doesn't like her shoes but with the cold and salt shoes are a must. I was worried because Truf didn't want to work in the snow and in her shoes. I'm thinking 'crap I gave her a defective dog' but Ashley let me know that she it is something she and Truf just need to work on. She is slowly introducing her to snow - things look different to Truf and sound different to Ashley, like any new partnership it just needs time to develop. *wheeeewww*

It fun to hear from Truf's partner it helps with understanding puppy raising. The funny habit that Truf had of coming into the bathroom while I'm in the shower for a drink of warm cucumber body wash scented water, isn't so entertaining to her partner. Bamboo's desire to fall asleep in my lap while cute may not work for her next partner. I wish we could have seen how all the pieces fit together three dogs ago, so many training tips make sense now, and we also now see the importance of raising a confident dog. That love and trust she has will carry her through a lot - yes even the occasional snow storm

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