Saturday, December 31, 2011

Happy New Year

The CEO of Girl Scouts of the USA!
Bamboo  in front of the Natural Balance Float

Living and or working anywhere near Pasadena, means that around New Years there is a good chance you will be involved somehow with the Rose Parade.

Add to that the Girl Scouts are celebrating their 100th birthday - and it was destined that Bamboo had to go out and help with the Rose Parade Float decorating.

Stymied by the lack of thumbs, she resorted to being a great cheer leader. Every where she went, the Girl Scouts who were decorating the float loved all over the baby, some were very excited when they heard they could raise a dog for their gold award. Bamboo is so jazzed about going to camp this summer, as long as it means she gets to play with all of girls there.  The CEO of GSUSA was there and we got a picture with her! We will post that later.

In front of the Girl Scout Float
The Girl Scout Float

A rolling kennel decorated to look like an old school woody station wagon

 The flowers were amazing, thousands upon thousands of roses in every shade, we wandered over to see both the Girl Scout and Natural Balance floats. The NB float is the longest and heaviest float. It has a wave pool where Tillman and his friends will be surf boarding down Colorado Blvd. I thought there were going to be guide dogs involved, but not this year. :(        

That little station wagon up top, is actually an enclosed kennel, once the dogs reach the end of the wave pool, they hop into the car and are driven back to the front of the wave pool!

Great outing for her, there were tons of people, smells and noise. She did pretty good, at first she wasn't sure she wanted to be there, but like the new kid at school, once she made friends all she wanted to do was play. Everyone loved her! She really doesn't like to take pictures and sat there sulking every time I made her pose. Poop Head

From our pack to yours Happy New Year, may your water bowl never run dry and your kibble be bountiful.

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