Saturday, December 3, 2011

whose idea was this?

a wet Bamboo in the tub
Bamboo's first bath, she did pretty well for such a soft gal (GDB's word for scary-dee-dog) she did pretty well. More curious than anything and because she is 1/2 of Waffle's size soooo much easier to bathe. Love it when they are little, you can man handle them around. But she really seemed to like the whole bath process, my dogs have this thing with warm water, don't know what it is but they like getting a drink from the faucet

If the lab gods are feeling generous, I do believe I might have a lab who actually LIKES water. *gasp* Stay tuned for the final verdict. 

1 comment:

pafuso said...

Seriously? How long have you had this puppy, and you're only giving her a bath now? Stinky!