Thursday, December 8, 2011


Dear Mom
it's been 4320 minutes since I last saw you. I miss you.

BUT I have a bone to pick with you. I hear that you let Bamboo into my toy box, not just the regular one, but the super secret special one you think I don't know about. ON TOP of that I hear that the interloper is occupying Dad's lap. Not sure I like what's going on back home. Life here with my pal Waffle is good, but it is not home, here is a picture of me in case you've forgotten who your dog is.... (guilt stabbing at your heart)
Limerick chewing a bone

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mwc said...

There is no super secret toy box. You only think there is. Bamboo is only trying to keep Pappy's lap warm while you are away. Everyone at work asks where you've gone and most even realize the little black dog I'm walking isn't you. We miss you lots and have your dog bed right where you left it. In the meantime, be a good girl and be nice to Waffle and her family.