Tuesday, May 26, 2009

Dog Meeting

I finally remembered to bring my camera to our meeting. Our club has gotten a lot more fun now that we have more people and dogs in the group. Nisha is the only girl right now, and until recently Palmetto and her have been the same size but he has sprouted legs! But first the Birthday boy himself, Foxfire. He is the big boy of the club with everyone else still in single digits. Oddly enough his brother CC'd pup Tabasco is a very ligh yellow as opposed to this red head.

Here is Tabasco the 2nd , he just came down from Olympia Washington, his handler went to school up there, lives here but will be transferring to UCSB in the fall, so he is here just for the summer. His raiser was in our club when Tabasco the 1st was in training, so very co-winky-dink when she got Tabasco 2. He is such a little guy big heart though.
Mr. Palmetto, or Dumbo as I like to call him. His ears ARE HUGE! They hang down, flap in the wind, he wipes his mouth with them - just kidding, but I did hear his raiser reference the flying nun

Last shot of Mr. Foxfire, he was perfect with all his commands, just as a big boy should be.
At our meeting we worked on a few things. I had called a head to get my leader out to the car, because I have been having problems getting Nisha out of the car, before she wouldn't go in, now she won't get out. We have been lifting and pulling her out. This morning I tricked her - I rattled her kibble bag and she came rushing out. Also she has been kind of zoning me out, not listening until I correct her. So they borrowed the big boy's collar and tried her out with better results, So Nisha I guess you are moving up.


Elizabeth and Peyton said...

Palmetto is absolutely gorgeous! I love making fun of Lab ears. Holly was my little Dumbo, so I can see where he gets it. :)

Madison and Butler said...

Those ears are SO, SO big! The pups are adorable. Sounds like they are all doing well!

Emily and the Labradors said...

So many great posts to get caught up on, so little time! Loved all the pictures of Nisha and glad to hear that Waffle is ok, and big congrats on Lani once again! Of course they love her!!! I love her and have never even met her :)

Elizabeth and Peyton said...

Actually, Holly has only had an "N" litter and a "P" litter.