Sunday, May 31, 2009

find your happy place

I've had dogs who suckle in their sleep, it is always very cute, but Nisha is the first pup I've had to actually suck on something. She started by sucking on the edge of a pillow, she'd only suck on it, never chew it or destroy it. She would settle down on the pillow and before long she was fast asleep. After chatting with her mom, I found out she has a favorite toy at her house that she does that with all the time. It seems to be her big comfort item. Well we went out and bought her a soft cudley toy so she could have one here. She really really loves it, and she is freakin' adorable when she does. You can actually she her calming down and going to her happy place. The one in the video is actually a sub that we found so we could wash the spit out of the other one.

One night we tried to take it from her mouth after she was asleep, it was wedged in there not moving it. She kind of kneads it with her feet as well. You can jsut see her little toes moving.

MY HAPPY PLACEFinally a break through, two sleepy puppies.

The girls got baths this weekend, Nisha is a breeze to bath after the Drama Queen herself. Waffle got to go to the pet store to buy dog food. They were having a huge 20% off sale so it was packed with dogs of all sizes. She sniffed rears all afternoon not a bad thing if you are a dog.

On Saturday Nisha went with me to a volunteer gig I do at the Youth Hostel, after which we walked around the outdoor mall. We went to 3 dog bakery to get Waffle a treat (sorry Nisha, but hey you don't know what you are missing) and then on to Penzy's spice store. I was watching her to see what her reaction would be to all the sharp smells, but she did fine. We still had to find the bank and walk back to the parking structure, I could tell she was tired, so we stopped to watch the people and traffic go by. A quick stop at the fish store, a long nap in the car and she was back home wrestling with her best pal Waffle. No big melt downs, on this trip, I think she has finally accepted that while I am the substitute teacher, she does have to listen to me. YEAH NISHA!
All in all a good weekend - Hope everyone else had a good one too.


Hobbes Dogs said...

We have occasionally puppysat a dog who always comes with her stuffed fish to suck on - even at 3 years old she hadn't outgrown it!

Elizabeth and Peyton said...

Aw that's too adorable! You've gotta love those cute little puppy quirks.

*~Amy~* said...

That's funny. Beasley is definately a toy sucker as well. Both of my Poodles have been. All the labs just shred though!

Madison and Butler said...

That is so cute! I havn't had one like that yet!