Monday, May 18, 2009

I always feel like....

Someone is watching over me....

Nisha here, I stole into the back room to type on this blog.

1st I'm sending waggs and slurpy dog kisses to my mommy, I wish I could be there to keep you company as you get better. Don't worry I'm having a great time at Waffle's house. But I miss you and my other doggy friends.

Time sure does pass quickly or maybe it is because I have short term memory but Waffle's Mom and Best Friend sure are nice. They have the best toys! There is this magic toy! It looks kind of round but when you pull on it it gets longer and longer and longer! I had one end and I started to chew and kept growing and growing and growing, i had to run out down the hall. It was like, like ... it was like chasing me. I tried to eat it all, but the peeps saw me and they laughed at me! I though wow not only am I cute but entertaining. Yet some how don't know why I ended up in the kennel on time out. Waffle sat on the pretty princess bed and lectured me though the bars, turns out that the peeps get a bit bent when you play with toilet paper, I think if they just pooped in the yard life would be easier. They have other neat toys too, this other one is like toilet paper but it is called Kleenex! you can sit there and pull out a new squishy chewy tasty toy. When you pull out one - out pops another one! Cool Beans!

I tell you WM and BFF and Waffle herself are great but lately I get this feeling they don't trust me, someone is always watching me. I wonder why?

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