Thursday, May 21, 2009

They Love her!

Yes They really really love her!

Well Mom got a call at home today about Lani's future. I guess they have pulled her from training, she gets to spend her days hanging out in puppy raising. Everyone says she is a sweetie pie (but what lab isn't?) and was napping under someone's desk (mom forgot who she was talking to *sigh*). But based on our information they think she will go into season around Aug/Sept which means Lani babies 'round Dec. they should be ready to go around Feb. BUT let's not count puppies not yet conceived.

We've been invited to a graduation, we just need to pick one. I guess we are sticking with GDB for now, Mom is thrilled about choosing names for her grandpups, and YES we will raise one - we hope a yellow girl. Right now they are still looking for just the right family to place her with, I'll know more later.

**Waffle Update**
she is such the drama queen. Thank you to all her well wishers the patient should pull through. Although for the 1st day or 2, there was a lot of whimpering and 3 legged hopping she seems to be getting better. No crying, but she put herself on bed rest yesterday. Seriously she spent the day in her basket, usually she would follow mom around or go outside to sun herself, nope just laid there. I could hear the dramatic sighs all the way at my office. We'll post pictures when the bandage comes off tomorrow.


Madison, Andros, & Butler said...

Yay! Really who couldn't love a lab! :) I can't wait to see Cute little Lani babies!!!!

Cabana's Puppy Raiser said...

So exciting! Sounds like mom is a bit more comfortable with the whole idea of breeding. A little yellow girl would be wonderful--but I'm pretty biased!

Sarah and the Pack. said...

Puppies!!!! How much fun! Keep us posted!

Elizabeth and Peyton said...

GO LANI!!! Having a breeder is so much fun! Can't wait for those puppies. :) Hey, her and Holly could have their puppies around the same time!

Erin,Bubs,Tex and Ben said...

Wow thats around the same time Midnight will go in as well!