Sunday, May 17, 2009

ouchie and updates

Thanks to Elizabeth and Peyton I have found a picture of the new Tacoma. I say new because my 1st PIT and problem child was Tacoma she was CC'd back around 2 1/2 years ago. So it is not surprising that her name was put back in circulation. Good luck Tacoma do your name proud!
On to other news, Waffle has an ouchie or in baby Japanese 'itai-itai'. Her dew claw got caught on something and there was some blood. Hard to tell what if anything got torn. I washed it off with some soap and water and wrapped it up. Tomorrow I'll take her into the vet to get it looked at. She was a good sport about getting her foot wrapped, but she really didn't like it.
Checking it out, don't think it is actually that bad, but I'd rather they cut her nail than me.

Waffle and Nisha working on removing the bandage
I'm surprised that GDB doesn't remove dew claws when they are babies. I was just reading on the yahoo boards about a guide who had the same problem.

Nisha such the helpful house guest.

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